Slavonia is an area that has deep traces of human existence, diligence and love for the country. The Slavonians have always looked after their forefathers' legacy, and the land has witnessed their bravery, pride and happiness.

They preserved folk customs, handicrafts and beautiful folk costumes that are unique in the world.
Let yourself be carried away into this world, into a world where folklore, tradition, good cuisine and laughter live today as then.





  • Welcome with our tour guide 
  • Welcome drink
  • 4x overnight stay with buffet breakfast (including 1x in Zagreb and 3x in Slavonia)
  • 3x buffet dinner (including 1x in Zagreb and 2x in Slavonia)
  • 1x traditional Slavonian dinner with specialties of the region and traditional music (Tamburizza)
  • Continuous english-speaking tour guide according to the program
  • City tour Zagreb
  • City tour Osijek
  • City of Vukovar
  • City tour Ilok
  • Wine tasting and snack in the wine cellar in Ilok


DAY 1: Arrival in Zagreb. Welcome drink with our tour guide

DAY 2: City tour Zagreb, continuation to Slavonia
After breakfast, the city tour of Zagreb, the capital of the Republic of Croatia and at the same time the largest city in the country, follows. The city is a transport hub, cultural, scientific, economic and administrative center of Croatia. The history of the city of Zagreb dates back to 1094, when the first diocese was founded in what is now Kaptol.
The legend of a certain old Banus earned credit for the city's name, who exhausted and thirsty asked a girl named Manda for spring water with the words “Manda, darling, scoop” (to draw water - Croatian “zagrabiti”). You can find out all this and much more about this lively European city on a guided tour with the tour guide. Continue to Slavonia.

DAY 3: Osijek
Osijek is the largest city in Slavonia on the banks of the Drava and the industrial and cultural center of the Baranja region. During the city tour, in addition to the co-cathedral in the center of the city, you will also see the Capuchin Church, a series of secession buildings in the avenue of the city, the Croatian National Theater.
The oldest part is called "Tvrđa", a preserved baroque core. Here are museums, galleries, ...
After the city tour you have free time. Afternoon at leisure in the hotel.

DAY 4: Vukovar across from Wolfsburg and Ilok
The first syllable "Vuk" indicates the river Vuka that flows through Vukovar. The second syllable "var" (ung. Vár or város) is Hungarian for castle or town. Translated, the city name means "City on the Vuka". The river name itself is made up of the South Slavic word vuk - meaning "wolf" - and the Hungarian word vár - meaning "castle / fortress". In this combination, the two terms have the German meaning of Wolfsburg. You will hear this and much more about this unique city, for us Croats the city of heroes from our struggle for independence, during the city tour.

Surrounded by the slopes of the Fruška Gora and beautiful vineyards, Ilok, the easternmost town in the Republic of Croatia, a region where east and west meet, rises harmoniously above the Danube. The town can look back on a long history, its legacy is formed by interesting cultural contrasts, which are united in the old town center, one of the largest and most important building complexes in northern Croatia and the Danube region. Above all, however, Ilok has always been the Danube empire of wine, conquering the market with its Gewürztraminer and the other types of wine typical of the area and attracting more and more visitors.

In the 17th century, the royal family Odescalchi received from Pope Innocent XI. the Vatican possessions in Ilok as a gift. The family renovated the old castle from the 15th century and built a wine cellar directly under the castle. After the city tour there is a rich program in the wine cellars of Ilok: You will try the Traminer which was drunk at the coronation of Queen Elizabeth in England, with 3 winegrowers you have the opportunity to choose the best wine (Graševina, Risling, Traminer), plenty to learn about the production and storage of wines. A hearty platter with local specialties is of course included.

The wine tasting in Ilok forms a good basis for what follows in the evening:
A traditional dinner with music!

DAY 5: Journey home or an overnight stop


  • Capital of Croatia - Zagreb
  • Metropolis of Slavonia and Baranja: Osijek, Vukovar, Ilok
  • Wine tasting in the famous "Iločki podrumi"
  • Traditional dinner with Slavonia-style music


In July as "ĐAKOVAČKI VEZOVI" or in September bookable as “VINKOVAČKE JESENI” - today two well-known events of customs and folklore (proof of this is also the visit of Queen Elizabeth II.)

At the beginning of September the event "ILOKER HARVEST" has traditionally been held in Ilok since 1962, which is also the oldest grape harvest in Croatia. The culture and entertainment with numerous attractions such as entrance to the festival through a barrel.

In January as “WEINFEST HL. VINCENT (VINCEKOVO) ”with a visit to the vineyards in the region. Music, traditional dishes, wine tasting and wine blessing
Connect the two cities of Vukovar and Ilok with a boat trip (duration approx. 1.5 hours), for a surcharge

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Via Mea Travel d.o.o. - Know-how and many years of experience in the tourism industry make us a reliable and competent partner in all aspects of travel in Croatia. Because, just that our home is;)

Via Mea Travel d.o.o.Know-how and many years of experience in the tourism industry make us a reliable and competent partner in all aspects of travel in Croatia. Because, just that our home is;)

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