Outdoor Team-building programs

1. Business expedition
Teams must build a strategy of tackling and solving as many self-chosen assignments with the help of a compass, a map and written instructions. The assignments are divided into different categories based on whether they involve relying on
intelligence, common knowledge, memory, entertaining skills or creativity, while some involve relying on physical strength and endurance to overcome various obstacles of nature by using kayaks, rafts, bicycles, alpinist ropes or most commonly own feet. The team that collects the most points – wins.

2. Urban Challenge
By employing different disciplines such as street trekking and orientation, this program makes use of the city’s facilities such as public transportation, historical and cultural destinations, sports and recreational centers, shopping malls and
popular entertainment and night life destinations. Along with the mentioned disciplines teams have to overcome a number of obstacles and unexpected assignments. The route is kept secret until the start of the program so that the teams would have to adapt to whatever situation they may come across. Urban Challenge is not won by the fastest but by the most resourceful team.

3. Escape
This is a game of strategy with a goal to free as many hostages possible from prison and try to bring them to safety. Until they reach their goal teams have to do a lot of strategizing and thinking as well as cooperate interactively. The teams have to work out their strategy on the basis of their options and the context. After they have come up with a strategy, teams have to put their plan into action. But the idea put on paper and its actual realization and two quite different things. After a certain number of hostages have been set free from prison, the game is merely beginning – they still need to be brought to safety.

4. Surprise
The program is based on the concept of surprise and has the effect of a hidden camera. The participants are put in funny, entertaining, but also bizarre situations that reflect a distorted image of reality. The participants hardly ever think that the whole thing is just a big game and set-up. The program is similar to the situations from the movie The Game starring Michael Douglas. An important factor without which the program would not function is the fact that the participants are unaware that a surprise is in store and are not prepared for anything like it. At the end of the program, after they have been through fun and interesting, but also embarrassing situations, the participants can see how they reacted to them on videos that we show at the after-party and that are – ultimately – the most pleasant of surprises!

5. Communication and navigation
Teams have to communicate with each other and cooperate in order to reach a common goal. They are physically separated and never meet during the program nor have any idea of each other’s locations. Every team receives secret information that the
other team needs and vice versa so the ultimate success of the mission depends on their mutual communication and trust. Each of the teams comes across obstacles and temptations that could diminish or even break the communication and mutual trust, and the teams must find solutions for surpassing what stands in their way to success.

6. Mini adventure race
An adventure race adapted to the physical capabilities and skills of the client participants. The program combines outdoor sports such as hiking, alpinism, sea and river kayaking, rafting and many others. The content and order of the disciplines depends on the natural environment. Teams are required to go through all of the disciplines and control points in the given time, carrying with them their equipment and food supplies. Team effort, the ability to get around in nature, planning the
equipment, food supplies and rest are the most important components for success.

7. Short courses of survival and orientation in the wilderness
A course of orientation in the wilderness. Depending on the selected destination, the participants can learn the basics of orientation at sea, in the mountains, the woods, at night and in bad weather. How and where to set up camp, which equipment
to take and in which way to properly use it, how much and what food to take, how to row a kayak at the sea or a raft on the river, the basics of alpinism, diving or sailing – these are just some of the numerous skills this program can teach you. For those a bit more ambitious, this program can open up a door towards something more complex – the world of adventure races.

8. Ethno & Gastro Challenge
An educational and fun program thematically related to a particular region or a locality. Spend a day as a Dalmatian fisherman and catch fish in the authentic way, as well as learning how to cook it in the traditional way with home-made wine
in a mediterranean setting. During the day you pick olives, repair drystone walls or houses on deserted islands, and in the evening you enjoy in the fine foods you had caught or made that day. You take care of and lead a heard of sheep on the slopes of Velebit where you also learn how to make goat and sheep cheese the way our grandfathers did. Or you can pick grapes in the ancient wineyards of Zagorje, mushrooms on the rugged grounds of Istria – these or merely some of the possibilities. In the end of the day, a prize awaits – Ethno party.

9. Corporate Olympics
Corporate Olympics is a team competition in several sports and entertainment disciplines that takes place on attractive game fields: bungee trampolin, human fussball, sumo, surf simulator, mechanical bull, artificial rock, proving ground and gladiator. All sports are simple and entertaining, and the game fields guarantee a good time. The points teams collect in each game are added up and the team with the most points wins. Along with the competitive element, the "Olympics” have an entertainting quality to them as well, thanks to the animators, the host, the DJ and the hostesses. This program is an excellent choice for indoor entertainment in case of bad weather, especially during colder seasons of the year when outdoor and nature programs are more difficult to carry out.

10. Village Olympics
Try out and compete in old village games such as rock-throwing, sack race, rope-pulling, egg race, nail-hammering, wood-chopping, cattle-driving and many others in the beautiful settings of Velebit, Gorski kotar, Lika, Slavonia, and Hrvatsko Zagorje.


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Via Mea Travel d.o.o. - Know-how and many years of experience in the tourism industry make us a reliable and competent partner in all aspects of travel in Croatia. Because, just that our home is;)

Via Mea Travel d.o.o.Know-how and many years of experience in the tourism industry make us a reliable and competent partner in all aspects of travel in Croatia. Because, just that our home is;)

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