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Via Mea - your partner for Croatia....because this is our home

Travel agency Via mea is you travel partner, with bussiness ethics based on long experience in travel industry.  We know how to deliver superior quality, organize and carry out intriging projects, listen to and fullfill your expectations. If you wish well organized holiday or just a short brake from daily routine and you are looking for experiencing our local heritage, sport events or just longing for a relaxing holiday at the beach, you are at the right place. We are here to fullfill your wishes

We offer number of diverse programmes and excursions in beautiful Croatia. Special attention is paid to creating itineraries in kvarner region, reagion with the longest tradition in tourism and with the highest quality in delivering services in Croatia. We were raised here, we know how to promote and make your stay unforgetable and unique in Crikvenica, Novi Vinodolski and Vinodol reagion. Via Mea is your partner for many returns.

Have you met me yet? They say I'm lovable, perky, playful, and I look like a real submarine, however I do not submerge.  I am also called the mascot of Crikvenica’s port.  I am ideal for f...

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