Secrets are hidden. And the Zagorje mountains have been jealously guarding one of the sweetest for centuries.

While the world suffered because of wars, greed, human insanity, Zagorje lived "peace". The largest number of luxurious castles, mansions, green and flower gardens quickly emerged on the hills. And where there are castles, there are literary readings, performances, drama, musicians, concerts, songs, folklore, “Popevke” (folk songs). That unique rustic spirit lives on today too. Landscape is a fairy tale. In Zagorje it is obvious.



  • Welcome with our tour guide and information hour
  • Welcome drink
  • 4x overnight stay with buffet breakfast
  • 3x buffet dinner
  • 1x dinner on an organic farm in the heart of Zagorje with drinks and music
  • Full day tour guide for the excursion on the trail of the angels - Varaždin
  • Full-day tour guide for the Day of Opposites excursion - Trakošćan Castle and Kumrovec village
  • Entry to the Trakošćan Castle
  • Entrance to the ethno-village Kumrovec


DAY 1: Arrival. Welcome drink with our tour guide

DAY 2: Excursion in the footsteps of angels - Varaždin - dinner with music
Did you know that there are 11 bell towers, 6 churches and 3 monasteries in the city center of Varaždin? Is it then strange that the angels, so lovely and kind beings, symbols of goodness, chose Varaždin of all people for their home? Varaždin is the city of angels, and now you can get on your trail.
What makes the town of Varaždin so special is its extraordinary monument and artistic heritage and the well-preserved ornate baroque architectural town center. The unique urban identity of the city of Varaždin is not only characterized by the magnificent baroque architecture of the city center, but also by the warmth of the harmonious squares and the romantic streets. The historical city center is the stage for numerous events during the year. One day is not enough to see, experience and feel Varaždin, but one day is more than enough time to fall in love with Varaždin at first sight .

Return to the hotel to freshen up for our lovely dinner.
A hardworking family with a tradition of gastronomy and their farm in generations awaits us in an idyllic, natural setting: First, the welcome drink awaits us. All specialties we try today are from our own production. This is followed by a dinner that you will remember for a long time, as the cuisine in the Croatian hinterland "hrvatsko Zagorje" is becoming more competitive with the Istrian cuisine every day.
In Zagorje there is singing and dancing and that's exactly how our evening should be.

DAY 3: Excursion Day of Opposites - Trakošćan Castle and Kumrovec village
Today we take a trip to Kumrovec and Trakošćan Castle. The village of Kumrovec is known as the birthplace of Josip Broz Tito (1892–1980). Tito was President of Yugoslavia for many years. In the Ethno Village you will not only see Tito's birthplace, but also the Old Village (Croatian: Staro selo). After the visit and a coffee break, the journey follows 800 years back:
Fairytale, beautiful and almost unreal ... this is how you could describe one of the most romantic places you have ever been. In Hrvatsko Zagorje near Varaždin there is a castle with a park and a lake which hides 800 years of history.
As a smaller observation fortress in the defense system of northwestern Croatia, it changed hands until Count Drašković turned it into one of the most beautiful castles in the 19th century.
The Trakošćan Castle is a cultural asset, a protected historical whole, in a beautiful park and lake, one of the most attractive castles in Croatia!

DAY 4: Romantic Varaždin
The city of Varaždin has been known throughout its history as one of the centers of cultural life in Croatia. However, the 18th century was a turning point in urban cultural life. During this time, the city experienced intense development, so that it even became the capital of Croatia from 1755-1776. Under the influence of baroque luxury and the enchanted aristocratic elite, the city became the center of exuberant ball evenings and luxury life for the aristocracy. During a guided tour you will discover why the city has earned its name “Little Vienna”.

DAY 5: Journey home

Accommodation in Hotel Kaj Marija Bistrica

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Via Mea Travel d.o.o. - Know-how and many years of experience in the tourism industry make us a reliable and competent partner in all aspects of travel in Croatia. Because, just that our home is;)

Via Mea Travel d.o.o.Know-how and many years of experience in the tourism industry make us a reliable and competent partner in all aspects of travel in Croatia. Because, just that our home is;)

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