Pag-Island of stone and salt

Pag-Island of stone and salt
Pag is the island of the North Dalmatian group . Larger settlements on the island Pag are: Pag, Novalja, Stara Novalja, Lun and Caska. Southwest coast of the island is flat, and northeast coast is steep and high with Pag bay (with huge bay Caska) and Stara Novalja bay located here.
Climate on the island is Meditarranean, the biggest part of the island is rocky ground, while smaller part is covered by macchia. (See photo of Pag landscape). In the vallies and fields (Novaljsko, Povljansko, Vlašicko and Dinjsko) wines, vegetables and fruits are cultivated. The area of penninsula Luna is mostly planted with olive trees, so the manufacturing of oil is well developed. Inhabitants also breed sheeps, and make famous Pag cheese.
The famous Pag cheese produced in the cheese plant Sirena – Mala sirana in Kolan at Island Pag owned by Ivan Gligora, has recently been awarded two golden stars and the right to label this cheese with the Superior Taste mark at the international Superior Taste event in Brussels.

Lun olive gardens
Lun, the northernmost settlement on the island of Pag, is becoming known for its olives and olive oil. Nearly every family of Luna and the surrounding area has its own olive trees, scattered all over the place, inherited from his great grandfather. Among otprilke 80 000 olive trees, how they grow to about 23 hectares, its uniqueness stands out about 1500 trees, logs, surface grafted on wild olive Olea Oleaster linea. Unique in their own way, and quite different from one another, intergrown with a stone which they are surrounded, as if they were always there. And almost are, because the oldest olive tree has over a thousand years.

City of Pag
The city of Pag has a long and rich history, as evidenced by the numerous cultural and historical monuments and rich cultural heritage of its people with pride and great love cherish and protect. Costumes of Pag is one of the most traditional values ​​of the Croatian coast. The most recognizable female costume is white "blankets” – starched linen in the form of a triangle, with the rim is decorated with inlaid and bordered Pag lace embroidery.

Highlights of the house
Experience unique hospitality and culinary delicacies !
1x Warm welcome with coffee and fritters (small donuts )
5x night including breakfast buffet
4x buffet dinner
1x Croatian evening with buffet specialties
1x visit to wine cellar Boskinac in Novalja including cellar tour , wine tasting and savory delicacies (bread , cheese, olives , anchovies )
1x visit to the dairy in Kolan ,including guided tour and tasting of real cheese of Pag
1x afternoon snack with coffee and sweet treats on the idyllic hotel terrace
1 guided tour through the olive garden including olive oil tasting
Use of outdoor swimming pool , beach, indoor pool, sauna Jacuzzi and gym

Other trips we recommend: Zadar , Krka Waterfalls and Sibenik , Rab Island by boat
City guide Zadar: 80 - € ; whole-day guide from hotel to 130th - €
Ferry Prizna Žigljen one direction cca 95 - €

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Via Mea Travel d.o.o.Il know-how ed una perenne esperienza nel settore del turismo ci rendono un partner affidabile e competente in tutti gli aspetti di viaggio in Croazia, la nostra casa.

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